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We are committed to promoting economic development and poverty reduction in the region. Our solutions build capacity of national and local institutions to deliver quality service.

Our value adding services

Today, agriculture and rural development are far from playing a passive, supporting role in the process of economic development. The agricultural sector in particular and the rural economy in general play an indispensable part in any overall strategy of economic progress, especially for the low-income developing countries. Prima offers consulting services to provide solutions to a variety of development needs in this direction by engaging its team of experts with professional knowledge in diverse expertise:

  • Sector Analysis, Policy and Strategy
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Agribusiness and value chain development
  • Food safety and food security
  • Forestry and fisheries
  • Institutional development and capacity building
  • Water for agriculture and irrigation systems
  • Land use planning and administration

Demand for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities has steadily increased in the last years, with the donors and developing countries requiring a greater level of analysis on the effectiveness of foreign assistance and its impact on intended recipients. Two major forces drive the increased demand: the need for accountability in donor funding, and the need to learn from programme implementation to improve effectiveness.

M&E systems must be able to track and show Value-For-Money (VFM) from projects and programmes; but they themselves must also be efficient and effective and deliver VFM data, evidence, reporting and communications. The variety of cost-effective M&E services we offer helps clients to build their M&E capacity, track programme performance, and determine outcomes and lessons learnt. We tailor our evaluation services to meet client and project needs to ensure a best-fit evaluation that provides useful information for decision making and the best value for the client. Summary - learning, delivering value for money and ensuring accountability for all the projects is our prime concern.

Prima provides various types of evaluation support:

  • development and promotion of evaluation methods and tools
  • conducting evaluation studies
  • capacity-building in evaluation through training
  • dissemination of evaluation results through organisation of workshops

As one of the fundamentally important pillars of our society, law and justice need to be contemporary and relevant. To ensure equal access to the justice system, regardless of economic, social or cultural status, PRIMA helps to remove substantive, procedural, financial and other barriers to courts, legal proceedings and the free exercise of legal rights. We have contributed to this by working closely with ministries of justice, bar associations, prosecutors’ offices, legal aid providers, and court enforcement officer both operational and strategic reform initiatives.

  • Gender Equality
  • Access to Justice
  • Judicial System Strengthening
  • Court Administration
  • Legal Information Systems

Prima strengthen public sector institutions and support business growth, to enable countries and communities to grow and prosper. We help to create a stable and transparent business environment and generate the necessary income for governments to provide efficient, reliable public services.

  • Economic Policy and Strategy
  • National and sectoral development plans
  • Private sector development
  • SME finance
  • Trade, Export & Free-zone Development
  • Socio-economic surveys and research

Our approach to environment and climate change is to develop adaptation strategies, focusing on ecological, economic, and social vulnerability, and to diversify the risk. Our experience and competence related to climate change have been gained and developed with focus on an integrated approach, including areas such as water and land use management, sustainable forest management including environmental services, sustainable agriculture and soil conservation, institutional strengthening and capacity development. Tapping our worldwide network of development professionals and drawing upon this experience, we help local and national stakeholders design and implement people-focused approaches that deliver development results for clients in:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Our services cover all aspects of an integrated approach for the promotion of employment, i.e. increasing employability through TVET measures; supporting the creation and retention of jobs through strengthening private sector development; and supporting the matching between employers and future employees.

  • Planning, design and management of TVET centres including recruitment of staff and their capacity building
  • Carrying out Training Needs Analyses of trainees and needs assessments of the labour market
  • Design of TVET programmes, methods, curricula and content (both as formal seminars and on-the-job coaching as well as mentoring programmes)
  • Evaluation of TVET programmes and measures
  • Planning and implementing international internship and graduate programmes
  • Support to the design and implementation of labour market strategies and specific labour market measures.

The tourism business has enjoyed above-average growth rates during recent years but in certain product/market segments saturation, oversupply and strong competition make it necessary to focus and to develop sophisticated strategies in order to achieve satisfactory ROIs and a beneficial development of a country's tourism industry. It has become necessary to differentiate, to achieve competitive advantage and eventually to exit in an acceptable way certain markets. The implementation schedule has become one of the key success factors.

Our company ensures a participatory approach and raising awareness among communities about safeguarding economic benefits as well as sustainable management of natural resources, promoting eco-solutions and ethnic communities, their rights and opportunities. We assist National Tourism Ministries, National Tourism Boards, municipalities, regional governments and other regulatory agencies in their efforts to achieve competitive advantage both at the level of programme formulation and at the level of implementation.

  • Institution building through the creation and management of public tourism agencies at the national, regional and local leve
  • Development of Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Environmental Policies
  • Development of income generating activities in Tourism Sector, securing economic benefits for local people
  • Assistance in the establishment of training programmes and schools
  • Elaboration of national and regional tourism Master plans and their implementation
  • Development of management of National Parks and Protected Areas

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