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Frequent economic perturbations and financial insecurities complicate successful management of companies, firms and corporations. With our assistance and consultancy you can easily overcome any obstacle on your way to effective corporate governance. We provide our clients with practical and efficient skills and knowledge to assist them to execute strong and rewarding corporate governance policy which will lead to impressive results.

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With a view to securing the endorsement of thorough and effectual governance practices and maintain effectiveness of the corporate governance in a company, the system of CG should be recurrently reviewed; organizational changes should be tracked and controlled. CGA is being conducted according to tailored assessment procedure. To facilitate your corporate governance and to increase your compentence and efficiency, our team provides our clients with custom-built scrutiny and analysis of governance issues. PRIMA investigates company’s practices according to company’s strategic planning, and draws up elaborated recommendations and proposals for furthering and boosting effective corporate governance.

Effective modelling of corporate governance policy is overall a prerequisite of effective corporate governance. In order to organize and maintain purpose-oriented workforce, inviolable norms of corporate ethics, to guarantee accountability and transparency and to elaborate compelling strategy, a company needs to maintain and apply efficient corporate governance policy. The process of development of corporate governance policy includes thorough quantitative and qualitative investigation and analysis, search for cutting-edge approaches and techniques of dealing with policy challenges, elaboration of recommendations for effective problem-solving and fostering positive and dynamic transformations.

Effectively functioning board of directors is a keystone of progress and prosperity of any company. Competent board of directors calls the tune to the whole process of company’s activity and serves as a role model for the employees. We conduct audits of board activities and competencies of management according to successful external standards. Successful board evaluation opens up a plethora amount of opportunities for increment of performances of the whole organization, its board and individual employee performance in particular. Moreover, the decision to undergo board evaluation gives positive impulses to the whole company and shows the commitment of the management to strive for improvement. We provide coaching and training services to increase individual and common performance and we undertake other services as well.

Risk governance is one of the significant mechanisms of corporate governance. It incorporates a wide range of measures which provide board of directors of a company with necessary risk management and governance policies, effective techniques and procedures to override predicaments, to analyze conditions and causes of probable risks and dangers, to identify weakness and lacks in their activity and the company as a whole.

PRIMA helps clients to build up an effective basis of control environment which provides operative system of internal control that stimulates realizing the company’s mission objectives, developing of reporting mechanisms and procedures in order to provide valid info to internal and external stakeholders, ensuring a company adheres to relevant legal acts and regulations, enhancing business efficiency. Control environment covers development and application of ethical code, procedures and measures necessary for dealing with diverse areas of risk, board and organizational terms of references.

At PRIMA, we comprehend the business realities, difficulties and openings that face the owners and senior management of small and medium ventures. Our concentration is to give a scope of proven, fit for reason and financially effective corporate governance solutions that are custom fitted to individual clients and convey material effect on your business. Whether a new company or a built up business looking for another influx of development or extension, we set aside opportunity to comprehend your business and to devise the ideal tailored arrangement based on best practices in corporate governance.

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Governance, Risk and ComplianceAgricultureGovernance, Risk and ComplianceAutomotiveGovernance, Risk and ComplianceAviation and aerospaceGovernance, Risk and ComplianceConstructionGovernance, Risk and ComplianceEducationGovernance, Risk and ComplianceEnergy and EnvironmentGovernance, Risk and ComplianceFinancial ServicesGovernance, Risk and ComplianceHealthcare ServicesGovernance, Risk and ComplianceHospitality & LeisureGovernance, Risk and ComplianceLogistics and DeliveryGovernance, Risk and ComplianceManufacturingGovernance, Risk and ComplianceMarine and portsGovernance, Risk and ComplianceMedia, Sport and EntertainmentGovernance, Risk and ComplianceNatural Resources and MiningGovernance, Risk and ComplianceRailwayGovernance, Risk and ComplianceRetail & Consumer ProductsGovernance, Risk and ComplianceTechnologyGovernance, Risk and ComplianceTelecommunicationsGovernance, Risk and ComplianceTourism and HeritageGovernance, Risk and ComplianceUrban InfrastructureGovernance, Risk and ComplianceWater and wastewater

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