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Improving efficiencyEvery company can be more efficient. There are always some changes that can increase productivity. This can be as simple as raising employee morale and productivity with a quarterly bonuses or as complex as process mapping all your workflows, making them more efficient and using technology to automate actions where possible.

Our efficiency improvement consultants can unearth processes and working practices within an organisation that are wasting substantial time and money. Having uncovered the main problems, we then provide practical advice and recommendations on how to improve processes and systems so that people work in a much more efficient manner. Our consultants’ efficiency improvement recommendations can very quickly raise productivity and produce large cost savings.

We have years of experience in helping businesses to identify profitable improvements. Our efficiency improvement consulting services can help both private businesses and public sector organisations, ranging from a small business to medium or large companies. We take a strategic approach to operational efficiency, with customized business systems, solutions and training designed to transform your office and team's workflow practices to get you to maximum productivity. The cost savings that our efficiency / process improvement consultants achieve can be so large that they pay for our fees very quickly, and many times over.

Implementing our efficiency improvement methods and programmes often provides an additional benefit – improved worker morale. Making an organisation work more efficiently can reduce worker frustration and produce higher job satisfaction and motivation. The resulting improvement in worker morale can further increase output and boost productivity, efficiency and performance. This is in addition to the increases in productivity achieved through introducing more efficient processes and procedures.

A very important part of our efficiency and operational improvement programmes is to identify working practices and problems that are impairing efficiency and productivity. Usually the company’s senior management is completely unaware of these inefficient practices. So our consultants firstly carry out a detailed investigation. This is usually carried out on the company’s premises, and supplemented by work in our office. Remote assessment is also used where appropriate, for example investigations involving ordering or communicating with your company online or by telephone.

After carrying out a thorough assessment to identify root causes, we come up with ideas and methods for efficiency and process improvement. We then make practical suggestions and recommendations on how to improve efficiency, productivity and operational performance. This can mean improving working practices as well as systems, procedures, processes etc. The cost savings, income increases and benefits to worker morale from such a programme can be very large.

Our value adding services

PMC will spend time with you and your employees to identify process obstacles and help create solutions that will increase efficiency.

When you have mapped your various workflows you should look to automate routine customer valuable tasks where possible.

Task management software can help everyone work together more efficiently, track progress, and stay focused.

The right incentives can lead to significant increases in productivity and efficiency.

In some cases it is just a simple matter of training your employees in best practice so they know how to work as efficiently as possible.

If there’s one crucial person on the team who knows everything - and that person gets sick – what will you do (especially if that person is you)? WHAT IF someone has an accident and is unconscious or incapacitated for a period of time... would anyone know what to do? WHAT IF someone suddenly quits or is terminated and refuses to provide you with the pertinent information you need? Can someone else step in immediately and manage that particular desk and/or office efficiently? Is your business set up so that someone else can step in and run the critical components for you?

PMC can provide your company with the step-by-step documentation needed to ensure your operation keeps moving even when key team members are down, sick, on vacation or traveling. We will prepare a Workstation Operations Manual so that a minimum of one other person in the office will know what to do – without the potentially costly downtime.

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